The PlayStation Show Site (TPSS for short) is a website primarily centered around the PlayStation brand. The main feature of the site are the podcasts. Many consider The Rogue Gamer to be the current flagship show which is recorded in front of a live chat audience at around 8 pm est every Friday or Saturday night. Check @PlayStationShow or @TheRogueGamer twitter accounts for further details. The podcast has been known to take some twists and turns into the realm of politics.

The PlayStation Show is very focused on its community and encourages listeners to be apart of the show by emailing, chatting, and occasionally calling into the podcast. BSmith3258, Hamsterfist, Redfield, AustinD and occasionally ediddy999 are the main hosts of the show and have assembled what nobody would call the ‘Dream Team’ of podcasting.


The PlayStation Show is the brain child of ediddy999. He was a community member of the now defunct All Games Interactive Podcast, which was a video game podcast that streamed live daily. When AGI stopped broadcasting he made the decision to fill that void with a podcast of his own. Thus The PlayStation Show was born.


The PlayStationShowEdit

Now defunct, The PlayStation Show Podcast covered the PlayStation side of the gaming industry. The show was broken down into the following segments:

  • Intro to the show : This includes welcoming new members, community announcements, and general banter
  • XMedia Minute : Where the hosts break down the new and notable PSN releases for that week, and then talk about the games they’ve played
  • Break Music : which tend to be some song that was either referenced or in the theme of the first half of the show
  • News : On occasion TPSS will discuss the headlines in the gaming industry. Since ediddy999 gathers the news it usually ends up being about new PSP firmware or a top 10 list of some sort
  • Community Topic : This segment is a go to topic when the mailbag is lite. BSmith3258 posts a question or idea to the community in the forums and the hosts then talk about it during the show. This long and drawn out segment was laid to rest in late 2009, but was resurrected in early 2010 as a plan B.
  • Mailbag : Introduced in late 2009 this is the one sure way the listeners can interact with the hosts. By sending an email to the hosts are placed reading awkward messages that usually make BSmith3258 cringe. Confusing Cat, a member of the community, usually attempts to derail the show by sending constant one line emails that are . . . confusing.
  • Chat Roll Call : In-part tribute to AGI, TPSS reads the names of the chatters at the end of each show. From day one chatters have changed their names at the end of each show to make BSmith3258 squirm.
  • Ending Music : Usually something related to what was said during the podcast.

The PlayStationShow UKEdit

the UK branch of The PlayStation Show. Started by murry2011 and ZonalRipper, later refined with the departure of murry2011 and addition of Here-Comes-Bod and MrSlugga. Dubbed TpSUK (pronounced T-suck, the p is always silent) by the TPSS crew.

The Rat CastEdit

A community formed podcast ran by King-Bowser, Fobia, and Spongebobbies. Their one-sided take on gaming was used against them when they we asked to become the new hosts of The PlayStation Show Podcast, dubbed The PlayStation Show 2.0. Their first episode of TPSS was episode 124.

The PlayStationShow 2.0Edit

The Rogue GamerEdit

FireVader ReviewEdit

The ediddy999 ShowEdit

TPSNFL UpdateEdit

A weekly podcast recapping what happened in the PlayStation Fantasy Football league, abbreviated as TPSNFL. Started in 2011, the second TPSNFL season.

Syndicated ShowsEdit

FireVader PodcastEdit

Before the FireVader Reviews podcast their was a podcast simply known as "The FireVader Podcast" which lasted 9 episodes, released whenever FireVader felt like recording. Known for having a hard to remember homepage url, and for unofficially being the first syndicated show, The Firevader Podcast can be found at

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